Safe Buying

Wood Deals Online is  a portal site that makes it easy to find the wood you need on eBay. Items listed here are not sold or endorsed by Wood Deals Online. All transactions are conducted between the buyer and eBay seller and is in no way affiliated with Wood Deals Online. It is up to you to be safe when purchasing from dealers on eBay. There are few things you can do to ensure a smooth transaction.

Check the number of successful transactions conducted by the seller. You can find this number beside the seller’s name. The higher the number, the more experienced the seller is. A low number usually indicates a new or casual seller. You can decide if it is worth the risk conducting business with this individual.

Check the seller’s feedback rating. Buyers and sellers are allowed to leave feedback for one another. A high rating usually indicates a good seller and someone who can be trusted. Check their feedback for additional information. Take into consideration how often negative feedback occurs. A lot of negative feedback close together may put up some red flags. However, negative feedback with large amounts of time between them may only indicate a difficult customer (the ones you can never please). You can also check their neutral feedback. Neutral feedback usually indicates a problem that was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

Always conduct all business through eBay. Once you step outside of eBay’s service, you have no recourse if the deal goes sour. Being asked to do any transactions outside of eBay’s services are red flags for potential scams. Report any unusual activity to eBay, and walk away.  They’ll take care of it, and you’ll protect yourself from potential fraud.

If you are new to eBay, try several small transactions before jumping in with both feet. This will help you get a feel for eBay procedures without risking too much money. Also, be sure to read through eBay policies and tutorials. This will answer many of your questions.

Lastly, check out this quick article on how to protect yourself from eBay scams. Knowing how to recognize suspicious activity will protect you and your private information.